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We offer a wide range of industrial paintings, coatings and surface protection in Christchurch and throughout New Zealand.

We can assist with intumescent coatings, waterproofing and corrosion protection.

We take pride in and are well known for the quality and durability of our painting and coatings industrial services.

  • Intumescent coatings
  • Waterproofing
  • Corrosion protection
  • Industrial painting

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Why Trust Us?

We've made our name by consistently delivering exceptional quality and great service. Our values, attention to detail and customer service set us apart.

We use only the most modern and reliable equipment so that we can provide our clients with the most professional and top quality work available.

Years Experience


We offer a wide range of surface protection, and we can assist with intumescent coatings, waterproofing and corrosion protection. After having gained experience through work on some of the most difficult and challenging jobs and sites, we take pride in our ability to assist with these situations in developing innovative ideas to allow work to continue forward in a cost-effective, yet efficient manner. We have a strong background when it comes to industrial painting and coatings, and are committed to providing our clients the best possible service.

Before we start any work, we work with our clients to discuss the job fully so that we can ensure that we get the right coating for the right surface. Our attention to detail in these initial planning phases is crucial when it comes to getting the right coatings for each job. Our experience and knowledge which we have gained in specific jobs, such as re-surfacing tanks, which involves a wide variety of substances, and often-corrosive substances that require specialised coatings, means that we are the best in the business.

We have provided repairs on tanks of all sizes – some which can carry up 2-3 million litres of product and some of which required repairs on the secondary containment. Depending on the type of product these tanks will be carrying, the selection of coatings required must be carefully thought out and prepared. We are the company trusted to do the job right first time.

Some examples of what we can do for your business:

Intumescent Coatings

Due to the specific requirements we work in with the paint companies to make sure the Intumescent coating meets building codes & standards. We have been involved in applying Intumescent coatings to steel work on many various job sites. We follow the specification to ensure the coating will perform as it was intended.


We understand that water is one of the hardest things to keep out. While water can be restricted on products such as timber, concrete and steel, it’s essential to ensuring that the correct coating paint is determined for each surface to protect and prevent corrosion. This is one of the areas we can assist with at a highly-professional level. Working with your business, we can help you to limit the amount of water contact to whatever surface you are trying to protect.

While some surfaces may only need a basic level of protection, others may need a condensed, protective coating to withstand extreme industrial conditions. Contact us today to find how we can assist your specific corrosion preventative requirements – we are here to help provide and assist you!

We can waterproof any surface from rooftops to bridges/tunnels.

Corrosion Protection

Modern and durable coating systems. Undertaking work on fuel-tanks, commercial/industrial steel and marine works.

Make it Last

In today’s modern construction industry, it isn’t just about getting something up – it’s about making it last! One common struggle we hear from new clients is their need for cost effective, yet reliable corrosive protection for projects involving steel structures. We are able to provide this protection, as we source in New Zealand modern and durable coating systems which allow our clients the satisfaction of knowing that their steelwork is going to best represent their abilities in the industry.

Tailored to you

Dealing with corrosion protection involves meeting with clients and discussing the specifics of their protection needs. Each job is different to the next, and rather than providing a one size fits all approach, we prefer to tailor our products to our clients needs. Some structures require additional protection due to environmental factors, while others may require a much more minimal approach. The key is effective communication and planning from the outset so that we can determine the best available options.

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