Not Just Coatings

Corrosion Protection

Modern and durable coating systems. Undertaking work on fuel-tanks, commercial/industrial steel and marine works.

Make it Last

In today’s modern construction industry, it isn’t just about getting something up – it’s about making it last! One common struggle we hear from new clients is their need for cost effective, yet reliable corrosive protection for projects involving steel structures. We are able to provide this protection, as we source in New Zealand modern and durable coating systems which allow our clients the satisfaction of knowing that their steelwork is going to best represent their abilities in the industry.

Tailored to you

Dealing with corrosion protection involves meeting with clients and discussing the specifics of their protection needs. Each job is different to the next, and rather than providing a one size fits all approach, we prefer to tailor our products to our clients needs. Some structures require additional protection due to environmental factors, while others may require a much more minimal approach. The key is effective communication and planning from the outset so that we can determine the best available options.

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